Watch how it work?

What is facebook liker/ Auto liker ?

Facebook Liker is a tool for getting free facebook likes. Here you can get free likes on your post, profile photos and also on fans pages.

How facebook liker work ?

facebook liker work as a bot. It exchange your likes with other user in just a few seconds. For eg. if you need 100 likes on your post then this autoliker exchange your 100 likes with other 100 users.

Does facebook liker is safe to use ?

Yes, Facebook liker or Autoliker is 100% safe to use.
- We never save your information.
- We never spam to your account.
- The only thing done with your account is likes to other users post.

How max likes can i get to one post/photos ?

You can get upto ~50,000 likes on your each post. But you need to use liker many time in order to get that much likes.

Does these liker likes drop ?

No, Our likes never drop in future. These likes always intact.

Can you sell facebook page likes ?

Yes, We sell facebook page likes. You can get 1millions likes on single facebook fans page. If you want to buy, you can contact us.